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It is characterized by increased sensitivity to cold and heat, repeated hyperthermic episodes with a potential threat to life.
The skin of patients is thin and dry with regional hyperkeratosis.

Itching, redness, dryness, peeling of accutane pills for skin of the face, hands, and other open areas of the body are permanent, with a tendency to worsen in the cold season. Physical activity does not provoke the appearance of perspiration. In more favorable cases, sweat is released, but its amount is not enough to maintain a comfortable body temperature.

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Potentially life-threatening pathology. Within a short time, the patient's condition worsens to severe and extremely severe. The heart rate rises, breathing quickens. Due to the rapid accumulation of metabolic products and mineral salts, diuresis increases, the work of the gastrointestinal tract is disrupted. Appetite is reduced. When dehydrated, thirst can be excruciating. If the cause of the development of Accutane generalized anidrosis is a disease, then there may be no thirst. The increase in body temperature associated with anhidrosis increases due to increasing intoxication. Violation of well-being, functioning of organs and systems of the body develops so quickly that the examination and correction of the patient's condition is carried out in an intensive care unit.

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Accutane generalized anhidrosis

The local form does not affect the general condition of the patient. The skin at the site of the lesion flakes off, sometimes cracking, but more often changes can be detected only when conducting diagnostic tests during a comprehensive examination for other symptoms that the patient has.

In neonates with undiagnosed anhidrosis, hyperthermialeading to brain damage and death. In early childhood, every third child with anhidrosis dies from a poorly controlled fever due to an infectious disease.

A characteristic complication of acute generalized anhidrosis is a violation of the liver and kidneys. The load on these organs increases with increasing intoxication, which in the long term can lead to chronic insufficiency.

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Thickening of the blood due to the loss of isotretinoin volume of plasma, a compensatory increase in heart rate can cause the development of heart failure. It is not difficult to identify a violation of sweating. It is much more difficult to determine the type of disorder and the cause of anhidrosis. When examining a patient, an integrated approach is used, which is based on laboratory and functional tests, consultations of related specialists: a neurologist, an endocrinologist, and a geneticist. The survey plan includes: The study of the structure of the skin and its appendages. The presence or absence of Accutane pills glands can be confirmed by histological examination of the skin, confocal microscopy, or graphite hand/foot prints. These methods are used when a patient is suspected of having genetic diseases, one of the manifestations of which is anhidrosis. Quantitative methods for assessing sweating. The functioning of the sweat glands is assessed by the results of the pilocarpine-induced sweat formation test. The introduction of pilocarpine normally enhances sweat production.
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